Tuesday, 13 September 2011

AKAR vs KUKUBESI : 21.05.2011

Alright guys . i know it's kind of late if you look at the date . but still , don't mind about it . this one new entry and few more post later on will have the date that is actually late from the real date of the event that being held . This is because during this period of time i have lots of commitment to settle . family matters, studying ,  got few jobs , editing album for customer . oh yes , i forgot to mention , i do wedding photography too with my brother =) . check out our page for more info :  http://www.facebook.com/finecreative and http://www.finecreative.net/intro/ . OK , this event was actually my first time doing a concert photography with my DSLR . i was very excited about it . i even came to the event alone . HAHA can't you imagine it?? i was supposed to meet few friends here , but due to several problems , we didn't bump into each other and some of them didn't manage to come . but , no worries .i still enjoyed the event . so here's the details of the event . 
       Basically , AKAR was previously known as Layar Tanchap Shah Alam is actually a movement or an organizer that bring out and bring together art lover , music , poetry , writings and photography of our local acts and put them all in one platform to be shared out and let people know who they are . while KUKUBESI : http://www.kukubesi.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/kukubesimanipulasi is a well known MALAYSIAN photographic . His work is eye catching , unique and mesmerizing . You can find his art works by Google it out . You'll find thousands of them . He previously worked with KRU Studio for the Merong Mahawangsa film poster . Well , it looks very classy . My first impression for the poster was "this is not from our Malaysian boy " .  And guess what ?? i was wrong . He ( KUKUBESI ) is a MALAYSIAN boy and i'm proud of him . There's a few more movie poster that had been done by him such as KARAK , TOLONG ! AWEK AKU PONTIANAK , MISTERI JALAN LAMA , HUSIN MON DAN JIN PAKAI TONCIT , and few more . Feel free to check out his work . I think that's a lil' introduction for the name of the event AKAR vs KUKUBESI : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Akar-Kukubesi/226595744023775 . So , here's some photos from the event . 


Some art works from the event . 

Some art works from the event . 


One member from PROJEK RABAK .




Some art works from the event . 

Open mic and Jamm Rabak Session




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  1. fynn jamal perfomance is always the best ! :) look at her expression there . :)