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So here i am again . checking in my blog. continue to write every little piece of me that i barely remember of what had happened few years back then . what did i do , where did i gone to , and i try to resemble back every piece of lost memories here , now . so bear with me .
         As i warn you before , bear with me , cause this entry will be very long , very tiring to read , very boring because you never know who i was back then before we know each other now . So this is me . What i usually spent and waste my leisure time during my previous years . i am a gig goer . and i am a fan of our local acts . Yes , i did mention to you . I LOVE MUSIC . from hardcore , metalcore , punk rock , pop punk , indie rock , alt rock , i listen to them all as long it suits my mood and my ears don't bleed while listening to them . my first gig was X-Gig in IPOH . i was still studying in school that time . if i am not mistaken , i was in Form 5 , and the gig was held during my SPM week ! HELL YES ! i couldn't resist the temptation to join this gig because i never had opportunity to attend one ! even though the day after the gig was my Physic Exam Paper (SPM) , but who cares ?! I've been studying for so long for this exam , so i bet , what would i lost if skip one day of studying to join this gig ? am i right ? so the line up for this gig was Bunkface , Bittersweet , Harmacy , Muck , and there was another two bands that i forgot their name . so sorry . :(  and here are some pictures from the gig.

me . in front of Rum Jungle Ipoh .

This is the band that i couldn't remember their name. 

Harmacy in action !

Harmacy in action !

Sound check , sound check .

Dina , former Xfm DJ

Sam Bunkface .

Youk Bunkface.

Look at the crowd ! o.O

Bunkface in action !

Sam Bunkface .

me and Dina .

me and Sam .

me and Shaz

yes ! forgot to mention , i went to this gig with my friend . meet Hafiz .

me with former Bittersweet Voc.

         Let's continue . after X-Gig in Ipoh , i kept on going for gigs around my place . and this is my second gig that i attended. The name was Indie Day Out Fest . During this event , i had an opportunity to met the very first band from MALAYSIA , our LOCAL ACTS , that sounds like PARAMORE . you don't believe me ? go look for them now ! . Started from that day , i keep myself updating with them. Diana , or Dy the Voc and her band mates are very friendly and she's cute too !  So here's some pictures from the gig .

Travis and Sam

Sam and Rikku

Hello , is this the band ? in action !

Behind the Veil .

The crowd .

Police ? in the gig ??

Disclaimer , this photo was not taken by me . (Sam)

Disclaimer , this photo was not taken by me .
         This was another gig . The gig named Orbit Muzika , was held in Ipoh too at St. John Ambulance Hall , Ipoh. This gig was organized for The Hans and Mustard album launching . Awesome ! and there was also prizes to be given for Best Dress or King and Queen for the show . The place for this event was actually conducive . The air conditioner was well functioning and it made me feel so comfortable . As usual , most of the line up for the bands was actually my first time experienced to see them performing live . So the line up was Bittersweet , Couple , The Hans , Mustard , Melastik Bintang , Sam CF band , The Night Act , Zip Zieller , MARO and many more to be listed ! Here's some of the pictures from the gig .

Couple in action !

The Night Act , their music sounds like Panic ! At The Disco .

The Hollows in action !

Rina , from 8tv Quickie as their Host for the show.

The Mustard .

Bittersweet in action !

Bittersweet again .

Melastik Bintang .

The King and Queen for The Day . :)

       After three gigs in Ipoh , i returned to my hometown Penang . This lovely beautiful island will never be replaced by any other place i guess . Err...i hope so . You know what i mean ? right ? So , urmm...this gig was organized by XFM radio , formerly known as Xfresh FM . I really proud with this particular radio station because they would bring , support , and help out our local bands and artists ! How cool is that right ? So if anyone of you out there in a band , or managing a band or bands , you should bring your demo right now and give it to them . Who knows ? You might be famous . :) Ok , so here's some of the pictures from the gigs . Fyi , i used to listen for these bands in radio , of course XFM , and i feel so excited because this was another my first time seeing them performing live !

Grey Sky Morning in Action !

Shoes ! Vans on the Wall .

Nitrus . i always listen to their songs 'Resah' when i am in gloomy mood . hihi

What the hell ? 

       After X-gig in Penang .There was another show that i had been waiting for . Secret Events On Tour . because here , i would meet again Hello , is this the band ? I LOVE THEM ! don't forget to check out their songs eh ? and the line up for this show was Paku , Street Soda , Komplot , Hello ,is this the band ? , Skudap Skudip . i managed to buy Hello , is this the band ? first EP here . and guess what ? it was been signed by all the band mates ! AWESOME ! check out these pictures from the gig .

Paku in action !

Street Soda .

Street Soda in action !

Komplot in action !

Happy drummer ! :D

Hello , is this the band ?

Hello , is this the band ?

Voc HITTB ? Dy in action !

Me and Dy.

Skudap Skudip
The Boys . haha !
       The journey continued . I headed back to Ipoh for another gig . It was actually a collaboration of arts and music .So , i thought this event might be cool . It was organized by Skarface Management and was held on 25 and 26 of April 2009 at Dewan Serbaguna Kementerian Belia dan Sukan , Persiaran Stadium (right next to Stadium Indra Mulia Ipoh) . The activities that had been organized for visitors were various from music , dance , film screening , theater , exhibition , live graffiti show and bazaar . Next time i should make sure that i have a full pocket of money whenever i go for such event ! They sold beautiful merchandises and t-shirts ! Unfortunately i didn't have enough time to check them all . I just came to the event for the music event . It was held for two days as i mentioned before . Here's the line up . 
                                                        Day 1 
                                                Meet Uncle Hussain
                                                  Wasted Room
                                                     The Hans
                                                   Bintang Batu
                                                Flowers in Affair
                                                   Fynn Jamal

                                                       Day 2
                                         Hello , Is This the Band?
                                                 Seven Colours
                                                Bleeding Mascara
                                                    Kill My Bride
                                                     Molly Dolly
                                                      Sweet P  

Dyana and Diana  

Me .

Hello , is this the band ?

Kill My Bride .

Seven Colours . Goths rock !

Harmacy . Riuh !

Super Sunday live graffiti show .

          KL INDIE FEST 09 or KL TOWER INDIE FEST was held at KL Tower . It was held on the 3rd and 4th of July .This event was actually followed the event KL  INDIE FEST 08 on the previous year . This event was actually another collaboration of music and arts festival . First day of the event was free , but the following day needed to be paid . It cost RM25 per head . The second day of KL INDIE FEST was actually for the mega concert of the event which consisted of several well known our local act : A.C.A.B , BITTERSWEET , BUNKFACE , COUPLE , GERHANA SKA CINTA , KOMPLOT , KOFFIN KANSER , LOVE ME BUTCH , LAILA (previously known as Laila’s Lounge) , ORANG (side project of O@G) , PINHEADS , REDEMPTION , REPUBLIC OF BRICKFILEDS , RESTRAINT , SUBCULTURE , STATIC , SINOPSIS , SKUDAP SKUDIP , THE TIMES , THE SPLATTERS , THE RHAMAN . Here's some pictures from the event .

The show started !

Lights , lights , lights !

KL Tower .

KL Tower Indie Fest 09 .

       Last but not least . For sure ! Actually this was the last gig for previous years that i joined and had chance to keep the memories in photograph .There was a few more to be listed such RTW 10 back then in 2010 . So , the last one here is GOGGLE FEST was held in Penang at Tapak Pesta Pulau Pinang on OCT 10th 2009 . It was organized by NOISE MUNKEY and  supported by few local acts . Here's the flyer and some pitures from the gig . ENJOY . 

Can you see a upside down man ? LOL !

hXc kids ! Second Combat in action !

The Mosh pit ! 
The moshers !

       So , urmm ... i guess that's all for now . That was a lil bit of past memories that i still able to reminisce here in my blog . A piece of me that you had no idea how my life would be long way before we met and know each other like right now . Thanks for every person , directly or indirectly who somehow ,somewhat had made my life during previous years AWESOME ! CHEERS ! till then . GOOD NIGHT !

A memory from RTW10 .


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