Thursday, 18 August 2011


hey guys ! this is my real first entry for this blog. i feel a bit awkward . so please don't judge if my writings sounds like a child . no worries . we learn from mistakes right ? SO LET'S BEGIN !
        my name is MOHD HANIS BIN MOHAMED KHAIRI . but people around me call me as they please. so are can call me HANIS , NIS , CHES ,CHESTER ,or like what's written up there THEY CALL ME CHESZ. :) urmm...i never into blogging actually . but i don't know. now i feel like i need to keep every piece of me . here i guess ? because i never had a diary .fyi , i used to write in every piece of paper that i hold on my hands in some situation , and i started to scribble useless words , to describe what i felt on that time , my emotions , sometimes i drew stupid characters too on that paper just to express how screw that moment were. but ! i never keep them .  yes . like never . now , i feel like it was a lost.
        what else ? yes . i am 20 y/o .currently studying Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies ) (Honors) . love photography , love music, fashion victim , love travelling . Oh yes ! i actually into arts . You name it . From music , fine art , photography , paintings , poetry , writings , fashion designing , digital arts , photo manipulation and yeah I don't know what else .  i LOVE FOOD ! i'm a CAT LOVER . i live with cats since i was a kid , and you can't describe how much i love these cuddly ,fluffy , slinky little creatures . :3 <3 . back then , i used to keep a multiple of cats family in my house in PENANG , but now they are actually gone , some being kidnapped , and some already dead because of various reasons , accidents , diseases , u name it. poor kitty. now i only have one with me.he is JIMMY . 
      A L I E N .UFOs . ET ? or extra-terrestrial , mythical creatures ? unsolved mystery ? ZOMBIES ?! VAMPIRES ? WEREWOLF ? u name it ! i LOVE them all . since i was a kid , i always imagined that i don't belong here . the REAL world .hihi actually , up until now . i always have the idea in my mind that we are not alone in this world . there's must be something hidden , something untold , or something made up but kept secret from our acknowledgement . i don't know . these ideas keep running wild inside my head . i don't how to get rid of it . :P
     yeah last but not least ! i wish i could be a photojournalist someday ! who knows ? dream on and we'll see !and...urm..err...i actually don't even know how to describe myself . we will get to know each other in no time soon . just keep up with me . till then , have a good time in what ever you are doing  with your family , friends and loved ones . GOOD NIGHT WORLD .


  1. Penjiwa Jalanan : hoho
    Aty : HYE !

  2. Hello, friend! eh CHESTER! hehe. i wonder why they call u chester instead of manchester. ngeh3.. btw, nice prologue, hanis! ;)

  3. hey k . fatin ! hihi there's a story behind everyting kan ? hehe

  4. Well , no worries about the writing skill . Can improve it day by day :)