Thursday, 15 September 2011

YOUTH DAY FEST : LORONG SENI - 27-29.05.2011

Hello guys ! It's me again . how you guys been doing ? I hope that everybody are enjoying their life now . =) For this entry , i will write about the YOUTH DAY FEST or HIMPUNAN SEJUTA BELIA that was being held in Putrajya in conjunction with The MINISTRY OF YOUTHS AND SPORT . I was actually participating in this event for helping the SECRETARIAT CREW to conduct this event and help them to ensure this event to work smoothly as possible . Thank God , everything was fine . =D . During this event , there was one segment that really caught my attention which was called LORONG SENI . 
       LORONG SENI is actually an organization under RAKAN MUDA which try to help and to promote our local acts in various area of arts such as music , fine arts , theater , poetry , ICT , dance , art crafts , literature from alternative , contemporary and scholarly . LORONG SENI act as a platform to give chance and opportunity for artist from mainstream and independent stream to promote them self to let people get to know them better . For more info you can visit their facebook page here : . So during my participating in helping out SECRETARIAT CREW i took my camera and had some shot for this event . Lets see some of the photos from the event yawww ! :D 

Actor that performed silent comedy .

Hand-made stuffed toys .

Satria Utama

Morning Smile - Unsigned artist from South Jakarta

Check em' out here
Dekya's Inc . >>

Tasya's Ink . You really gotta check em' out ! Trust me !

Visit them here . >>
Tasya's Ink guitarist !

I met KUKUBESI again . hihi i was so happy to see him again after his seminar on the event . =)

Batik painting . 

Some artworks that caught my attention . =)

Some artworks that caught my attention . =) Look at the boy . He was mesmerized too .

Some artworks that caught my attention . =)

Glowing guitarist . =)

Feel free to visit my photopage for more photos on this event . : . 

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